Dissertation: The Abstract Forms of Architectural Acoustics

Stage 4

My Stage 4 dissertation investigates “The Abstract Forms of Architectural Acoustics through the Evolution of Theatres and Concert Halls”. It explores the historic precedent of ancient open-air amiptheatres and closed acoustics. Also, the notable scientific development of acoutics in the 19th century by Wallace Clement Sabine.

By the use of digital simulation to examine sound reflection based on the behaviour of light reflection. The sucesses of the of Berlin Philharmonic designed by Hans Scharoun is investigated as an extended case study to contemplate the dissertation. The other examples discussed also contextualise the dissertation.

A crude geomtery model was created before using Grasshopper for acoustic ray  analysis (Snail). This determined the number of rays reflected of the surfaces. It also allows for planar calculations such as the number of rays in the audience seating area.

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