Music for Picture Elective

Postgraduate Elective

The Music for Picture Elective consisted of two assignments; a show reel (6-8 minutes) of original music scored to film and a 35 second theme tune based on a set brief. The selected visuals are; Landscapes of Iceland and An Empty Home. All the music was composed with the music notation software Sibelius.

“Mallinson” Theme Tune

“Mallinson” – a character based drama. Brian Mallinson is a fire insurance investigator with a chequered past. Divorced, estranged from his kids, borderline alcoholic, Mallinson is the classic loner who holds his peers in utmost contempt. His obsessive nature means he cracks the insurance cases that no-one else can handle, but sometimes he has to use rather unorthodox methods.

Producer’s brief – “the music has to be like A Touch of Frost – sad, soaring, searing and etched into your head. The tune will evoke dark corners, depression, despair and lost opportunities. Mallinson must be a noble yet tragic figure.”