Viusal Essay: Bo’Ness

Site Investigation
Stage 2

Borrowstouness (Bo’ness) is a town situated along the banks of the firth of forth. It has a deep maritime history, which goes all the way back to the 17th century and is visible from the old docks along the costal path. This is also recollected in the town’s coast of arms. The docks were predominantly used for goods shipped from Scandinavia and the low countries east of Bo’ness. A significant building was the West Pier Tavern which was previously used as an public house. Back then Bo’ness was regarded as a very affluent area, where it housed the first purpose-built cinema ‘Hippodrome’. After being left derelict as a bingo hall, a £2 million restoration was completed in 2009 and it continues to show films to this day! Other notable buildings surrounding the town also include the former Tolbooth building which in itself sets out the geological epicentre of the town, it also provides a scale of how it has expanded thereafter and as well as marking symbolism of trade. The Duchamp house was the former Merchant house, the building is most distinguished by its colourful traditional line render and such architectural features; harled walls, pantiles and crow stepped gables. The Library is situated on Scotland’s close with close proximity to the docks by the firth of forth, the building we see today is merged from a public house (West Pier Tavern and a bakery) all of which these features are still evident in the building structure, from the interior stone walls and the built in cast iron oven.