Weight of Water: Water Institute of Marseille

Stage 5

My Stage 5 Final Thesis Design is concerned with the framework of ‘Water’. The arrival of water in 19th-century Marseille was embodied in all aspects of life: hygiene, agriculture, and industry. It was celebrated through the construction of the Water Fountain spectacle and Palais Longchamp. Today, water security in the region is dominated by the evolving climate crisis, bringing extreme weather changes that lead to droughts and water scarcity across the region.

My thesis centralizes around the precious management of water resources, particularly through the establishment of the Water Institute of Marseille, which facilitate public discussions and debates to address water security. Additionally, two public exhibition galleries showcase the sensory experience and historical context of water in the region. This presents an opportunity to showcase the scale and appreciation of water infrastructure intervention historically built for Marseille. Contextually, the strategic location of the Longchamp basin infrastructure is being re-adapted and utilised to function as additional storage during periods of dry weather.